Smart Home devices: Does your new home have these Futuristic features?

Dated: April 4 2021

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Smart Homes

What do home buyers seek when they look for a new abode? People may search for a great local community, excellent transport connections, nearby schools and businesses as the main checklist items. Have you thought of making your new home a SMART HOME?

Take a look at some features for your future space:

1. Heated garages

Everyone likes an added space in their home to be able to use and work in. Heated garages can give you just that. Winter in British Columbia is definitely milder than the east coast, but, it can be dry and freezing nonetheless. Why not have your garage space heated, to keep you warm, while you clean your car or do other tasks in the garage?

Garages can be "extra rooms" for storage. Keep your items away from the chilly winds and cold with a heating feature. Garages are turning into hobby spaces and even gyms which gives you freedom to enjoy your interest at your leisure. Safety is another reason you should consider buying a home that has the capacity for a heater in the garage – Heated garages provide a safe environment for the family and prevents any winter accidents caused due to black ice or snow.

2. Electric Vehicle (EV) charger

As more and more people move towards sustainable fuel sources and environmental friendly options, electric vehicles are the new form of transport. With a new home, make sure you have the ease of charging your EV in the garage. A Tesla or a Hyundai EV are the most popular options among families nowadays. This cost-effective way of transport is becoming increasingly popular as fuel prices are at an all time high.

3. Smart home technology

Imagine coming home to a pleasant room temperature according to the season and the lights already glowing a warm light with your favorite playlist playing in the background. Smart home technology like Google home incorporates electric plugs and sockets which can be controlled at your fingertips. Smart homes help save your hydro bills too!

4. Smart home security systems

Your home is your safe space. With smart home security systems in place, you can choose to close or open your home to people with a press of a button. Biometrics are the new security features you absolutely will love to keep your home secured from theft or unwanted attention. What’s more? Don’t worry about carrying your keys ever again. There are home systems which call the nearest police station if it senses an attempt at forced entry. These systems are great with senior care at home as well!

Conclusion: The future is here – You can be there too. A new home purchase is never an easy decision, but with an option of a smart home, it can make your purchase worthwhile. Plan for a home which is not just for you but for your future generation by incorporating the latest technology. For more questions on how to look for these homes with accessibility to high-functioning devices, reach out to me.

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